Front End Engineer

London, England   |   Full time

Front End Engineer

Full-time, London

About Us

We are Resi, a London based team that is changing how residential architecture works in the UK. We bring technology to an industry dominated by email, phone calls and spreadsheets. Focusing on the customer experience but building the processes and technology to allow us to compete at scale.

Founded by the founders of, Resi has grown rapidly since its launch in December 2016 and is now a team of over 35 people based in central London. We are looking to expand the team, adding the right people who can help us take the next step forward.

Most companies say they are an equal opportunities employer but we really mean it. We are led by a female CEO and a female CTO. We actively encourage people who feel like they don’t fit the traditional developer stereotype to apply. Your experience is all that matters.

About You

You would be joining as a front-end engineer, working alongside the existing product team, comprised of two Ruby on Rails engineers, two designers and the founder/CTO.

We don’t believe in a list of attributes a candidate must tick before applying, although obviously it is helpful for you to know what we are looking for in general. Front-end can mean different things to different people. In short we are looking to add someone to the team who can work with both our designers and back-end engineers to make our product ideas a reality.

Below are some topics we would love to chat more about in an interview. If you have strong opinions on any of them, apply and let us know your thoughts!

  • Working with modern web technologies. Our current product consists mainly of Ruby on Rails and a big helping of jQuery - we’re exploring React but have yet to take the plunge. Prior exposure to Ruby on Rails would be great but not essential.

  • How you work with CSS frameworks. We use BassCSS and love it, but an important part of this role is to help us improve and inform future choices.

  • Building delightful user experiences. A big part of this role is about bringing design and development closer together. We’d love to know how you think about building user interfaces, building design component libraries, and how you work with designers.

Having formal education is never a bad thing but we are primarily interested in your real world hands-on experience - whether that is at a job, contributing to open source projects, or a side project you are proud of.

Beyond that, we are looking for someone who can communicate effectively both with their fellow engineers and the wider company. You should be able to balance the needs for well written and considered code, knowing when to ship, and when to improve later. Finally, we’re interested in what you can bring to the company beyond just your technical skills - how do you think about our product, the broader industry, and how can you help us build a diverse and inclusive culture?

Whats happens if you apply?

Firstly, there will be zero whiteboard technical interviews. We think they are wholly ineffective. Knowing how to look for help when you’re stuck - be it on Stack Overflow or by asking one of your colleagues - is much more important.

We genuinely want to get to know you as a person. Can we work together? Will we enjoy solving problems together, as and when we encounter them? What have you done in the past that is relevant to what Resi will face in the future?

What will you receive?

We promise that we will offer a competitive salary based on your level of experience. We never want someone to feel undervalued because of remuneration.

In addition to your salary we also offer:

  • 30 days of paid holiday (inc bank holidays)

  • Your choice of hardware

  • Budget for training / workshops / conferences

  • Free beverages (including alcohol free), healthy snacks, etc.

  • 4 months maternity / paternity leave

  • A flexible work environment 

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